Services for your clients

Clinical Services. Dr. Somers can also provide more in-depth services to your clients who need the services of a financial psychology expert. These include:

Financial Therapy | Sudden Wealth Coaching | Workshops for Women | Client Appreciation Events | Collaboration

Financial Therapy is for people who are in significant distress because of some aspect of their finances. They may be in constant conflict with their spouse. They may be spending more than they can afford. Or they may be unable to enjoy the success they’ve obtained because they’re constantly living in fear of losing it all.

Many insurance companies provide reimbursement for psychotherapy services provided by a registered psychologist.

Sudden Wealth Coaching is designed for people who have recently obtained significant business success, legal settlements, or inheritances. It aims to help people manage their financial transition successfully, with a minimum of emotional and relational upheaval. Through their work with Dr. Somers, coaching clients will develop an unparalleled level of clarity about key aspects of money, including:

  • their fears and regrets about having and managing money
  • their spending and saving habits
  • their deep-seated attitudes towards money and people who have it (or don’t)
  • their hopes for what they might like to create with it in their lives, families, and communities

Clients will develop a solid financial plan that will see them through the immediate and more distant future.

Workshops for Women

Women and Finance: Getting Real about Money

An exciting tele-seminar series designed with women in mind!
Session beginning Thursday October 23 @ 12:30 p.m. Central Time.

  • Financial issues leaving you feeling stressed and anxious?
  • Stuck doing work that leaves you drained, resentful, or short of funds?
  • Feeling it’s time to become more conscious and competent, financially?
  • Scared to move on to a bigger life?
  • Wishing you had more support with respect to monetary and life goals?

Join psychologist, life coach, and financial recovery expert Dr. Moira Somers for this powerful foundational course. In a confidential and supportive setting, you will be guided through a process that brings together the Inner and Outer work of financial success, including:

  • Understanding how fear, reflexive commitment to meeting others’ needs, and refusal to tell the truth about your financial situation can leave you stuck and unfulfilled
  • Escaping the debt cycle
  • Being willing to learn and participate in important aspects of your financial life
  • Holding important money conversations with your family and professional advisors

This life-changing workshop can be held on-site at the behest of corporate clients. It can also be offered as a tele-seminar series.

Client Appreciation Events. Dr. Somers is available to speak at your client appreciation events. Among her offerings are keynote addresses on

  • Couples and Cash,
  • Ending the Dependency of Adult Children, and
  • Overcoming Financial Fear and Avoidance.

Collaboration. At times, clients with complex financial situations require the services of an entire team of professionals: Estate lawyers, financial planners, accountants, money managers. As a neuropsychologist and financial psychologist, Dr. Somers is frequently called upon to be a consultant for such teams.