The Book

Coming in 2016:

The Advisor Who Gets in the Way (and How Not to Be One)

Many financial professionals make their living by giving expert financial advice. But most financial advisors have little to no training in how to deliver that advice effectively. As a result, much great advice goes unheeded, clients don’t reach their goals, and advisors have less-than-thriving practices. And that, as they say, is a bummer.

This book is a practical primer on advising — that is, on developing expertise in alignment, attunement, and advice delivery.  Using the latest findings from science and practice (and with just a touch of cheek), financial psychology expert Moira Somers addresses the following:

  • Why do people seek out professional advice but so often fail to take it?
  • What makes financial advice especially hard to follow?
  • What are the most common turn-offs committed by financial advisors? (Before your mind goes too far on this one, let me assure you I AM speaking of mistakes in advice-giving, not the other kind of turn-offs. Really, people….)
  • What can advisors do to radically increase the likelihood of follow-through?

Tweaking how advice is delivered can make a world of difference — to clients AND to the advisors who serve them.

Getting better at giving great advice. Who wouldn’t want that?

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